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Project Description

The city open to the world: the commercial axis of the Valencian Golden Age

A must-see in Valencia, the Silk Exchange building, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1996, is a lively reflection of the Valencia of the Golden Age. The trading hall, a work of art by the renowned Pere Compte, is one of the most outstanding gothic spaces in Europe. Conceived as a diaphanous place to carry out commercial transactions, its helical columns and majestic ribbed vaults decorated with allegorical frescoes simulate a kind of heavenly Jerusalem that spiritually welcomes the merchant, inciting him to the good manners for a fair exchange. The band that crosses the four walls of this space testifies on it. The upper level presents a solid tower used as a prison and attached to it is the Renaissance wing, used by the Consolat de Mar court. The carved wooden ceiling, by Juan del Poyo, does not leave visitors indifferent.